Reunites A Woman With Her Long-Lost Father

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Published: Mon Aug 16 2010 (, the premier online service that helps consumers find anyone, anywhere, is excited to share the story of Michelle "B," a woman who spent more than 2 decades actively searching for her biological father. She tried everything she could think of - including family, friends and people search websites - but had no luck until she used Michelle ordered a report from PeopleFinders, and found all the information she needed to reach out to her father immediately.

Michelle first heard about people search websites in the 1990s. These sites boasted that they could provide contact information for any person living in the United States. Full of hope and eager to start, Michelle paid a large sum of money to get the details she wanted. What she received, however, was more than 100 pages of data that didn’t put her any closer to finding her father. She contacted several sites and requested a concise list of people who matched her criteria, but no one was able to help.

Over the next few years Michelle’s quest continued without success. She felt burned by her negative experiences searching for her father online, and tried everything else she could think of. Michelle managed to locate her grandmother, but the woman did not know the whereabouts of her son. Everything seemed to lead to a dead end.

Finally, Michelle found a ray of hope when she heard about a website called Intrigued by the slogan "Find Anyone, Anywhere" she used the site to get the information it provided through free search previews. It helped; Michelle found more information about her missing family. She contacted other relatives, but no one knew where her father was living.

Eventually, Michelle decided to try a comprehensive report from Despite her reservations, the $1.95 people search the site offered was just too good to resist. She entered her father’s name and finished her order. It worked. Michelle could not believe her eyes; her father’s current address was right in front of her.

Michelle’s next step was to write her dad a letter. She hadn’t spoken to him in over 3 decades, and was more than a little nervous about how he’d react. In her letter Michelle asserted that she wasn’t looking to blame anyone for the past. She didn’t plan to interrogate him about the choices he made, she just wanted to reconnect. As she dropped the letter in the mail, Michelle had no idea when, or even if, she would get a response.

It didn’t take long. A few days later Michelle received the call she’d been dreaming of for more than 32 years. Father and daughter were jubilant to speak to each other after so much time had passed. They cried, shared personal stories and made plans to get together. It was a dramatic moment that will soon lead to a life-changing experience in person.

An overjoyed Michelle took the time to write us and say: "I did not expect to find him. Everyone may not have the same success but it is definitely worth the try. Thank you for making this so easy after all of the extensive searching I have done on my own and all of the disappointment. I don’t know how I would have found him without you." We’re happy we could help.

At PeopleFinders, this is what we’re all about. Our goal is to help you find anyone, anywhere. Not every story is as dramatic as Michelle’s, but we all have a tale to tell about people we’d love to connect with today. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your experience. Her hope is that it will inspire others and show them that it’s never too late to reconnect with a loved one. All you need is the will, a little patience and help from the friendly folks at

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