Hollander Consultants Reveals Final Website

From: Hollander Consultants
Published: Tue Jul 12 2005

Portland, OR: Hollander Consultants has just revealed "Getting New Patients and Customers" as the last in a series of five websites that have been launched over the past month and a half. Located at www.gettingnewpatients.com, the new website culminates a marketing plan designed at broadening the reach of Hollander Consultants on an international level.

"This has been a very exciting couple of months in terms of implementing our strategy to broaden our marketing efforts on the Internet. This final phase complements the other new websites we’ve created. Each website was designed to provide information on particular subjects for our clients, future clients, media and other interested individuals. It helps broaden the viewing scope of the services Hollander Consultants provides," said Matthew Bratschi, director of public affairs for Hollander Consultants.

The five new websites cover the following areas: media, marketing, client success, a practice management blog, and consulting advice. The individual websites are www.hollander-consultants-success.com, www.hollanderpressroom.com, www.practicemanagementblog.com, www.askhollander.com, and the newest website, www.gettingnewpatients.com.

"For the upcoming quarter, we will initiate a website utilization project to maximize the worth and further expand the depth of the new websites. These websites will be tools for anyone interested in boosting their practices or small businesses. From marketing help to organization advice, we plan on creating an Internet presence that benefits anyone who accesses our websites," explained Fred King, CEO for Hollander Consultants.

In addition to the five new websites, Hollander Consultants maintains two additional websites, www.hollanderconsultants.com and www.solutionsmags.com.

Based in Portland, Hollander Consultants was named one of the top 50 companies to work for in Oregon by Oregon Business magazine, the chief publication for Oregon businesses.

Hollander Consultants is one of the leading national consulting firms in United States and Canada for the combined dentistry, optometry and veterinary professions and uses the administrative systems developed by business management pioneer, L. Ron Hubbard.

Company: Hollander Consultants
Contact Name: Matthew Bratschi
Contact Email: mbratschi@hollanderconsultants.com
Contact Phone: 503-227-5404 ext. 1705

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