Series To Feature Scottsdale Firefighters

From: Cat Galaxy
Published: Tue Jan 23 2007

With lights flashing and sirens roaring, it's never uncommon to see a fire truck and its crew racing towards a scene when an emergency happens. On duty 24/7, 365 days a year, firefighters are always prepared to answer the public's call for help. Now you can see their efforts recognized in Cat Galaxy's newest series Engine Co. Scottsdale, which focuses on the men and women of the Scottsdale Fire Department.

"Much like our Cats On The Mean Streets series, this will indeed be a very intense and exciting story. The public will get a chance to see just what the fire department does and how they do it. These men and women are an important part of our community and risk their lives to ensure the public is safe. We feel telling their story and bringing their message of safety to a national and international audience is valuable and will be a great benefit to the public," said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

The series will present a mix of written stories, photos and podcasts which detail the lives of Scottsdale firefighters. It will also tell the story of the SFD and how every day its members help citizens in need. Because of the size of the series, Cat Galaxy is also planning a special web page for it as well as a message area on the Feline Forum so readers and listeners can post messages to the firefighters.

"One of the great things about these types of stories is the impact they have on the reader and listener and what kind of message it puts out there. To make these type of stories more interactive is even better and we want the public to have the opportunity to log on and show their support for the fire department," Rosen said.

Rosen also says that another unique part to this series will be learning about some of the lives of firefighters away from the station, and maybe touching on a few things they do while on the job that the public never knew about, like assisting in animal rescues or adopting a cat which has been seen around the fire station.

"We'll definitely show the human side of the firefighters and the audience will see just how wonderful and dedicated they really are. We won't just be focusing on their lives at the station but also learning about them as people. Many of them have families, animals and hobbies outside the job, just like you and I do. Hopefully, we'll be able to reflect on that with this series, because many of the firefighters have had great stories to share," Rosen added.

Engine Co. Scottsdale will be online via the Cat Galaxy web site beginning in February.
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