US study: Online tracking makes weight loss more successful; now widely available for end users

From: VirtuaGym
Published: Tue Aug 17 2010

Many health risks, like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases are connected to a lack of exercise. The key to losing weight and increasing physical fitness is keeping motivation. A recent study of the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research* has shown that the use of an online tracking system greatly increases motivation and results for weight loss. Now the Amsterdam based company VirtuaGym has teamed up with Tanita, global leader in professional health monitoring, to provide a complete online tracking system with tailor-made exercise plans, personal goal setting, progress tracking and cutting-edge monitoring hardware.

The system consists of an Activity Monitor and a Body Monitor, both connected to an online personal training system. The Body Monitor measures up to 10 values about your body composition and characteristics, including fat percentage, water, muscle and bone mass, BMR and the harmful visceral (organ) fat. Thus, it provides you with an unmatched precise judgment of your current physical fitness level.

The Activity Monitor records daily activity via a tiny, light weight device, which easily slips into your pocket. It uses 3D accelerometer technology in combination with Tanita’s advanced proprietary algorithm, which accurately registers your steps during various activities.

Both the Body Monitor and Activity Monitor have been designed to operate seamlessly within the proven personal training system, allowing quick data transfer with the easy-to-use USB Connector. You can consequently set goals and track your activity and body composition values in clear visualizations on your personal online profile, giving you valuable insights in your progress, which motivates you even more to continue your active lifestyle.
The VirtuaGym Body Monitor and Activity Monitor are now available separately or as a set through, including a whole year PRO subscription for the online personal training system. PRO membership provides additional advanced features, but no paid membership is required for future use of the products. The basic membership offers a wide variety of tools, allowing you to start or continue your active lifestyle in a fun and easy way, and is freely available for everyone at

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* Associations of Internet Website Use With Weight Change in a Long-term Weight Loss Maintenance Program, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, Portland, United States

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About Tanita Corporation
Tanita is the world's leading company in health monitoring, since its founding in Japan over 80 years ago. In 1992 Tanita was the first to offer a fully automatic body composition monitor for the professional market. The company is internationally renowned for its innovation and product quality, and the standard for health professionals like doctors, dieticians and physiotherapists.
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