iCoupon Online Introduces 3 New Ways to Save Money!

From: iCoupon Online
Published: Tue Aug 17 2010

Dying to get a Swedish back massage or seeing a smile on your kid’s face after throwing the best birthday party ever, for half the price? iCoupon Online knows the answer to that. This summer, iCoupon Online, a new interactive online listing service bridging the gap between local businesses and consumers through the use of coupons, has officially launched its new site, offering jaw-dropping deals on a variety of products and services.

You’ll never have to pay full price again because iCoupon Online has come up with 3 new ways to help you save money. It features Daily Deals, Coupon Codes, and Local Coupons. Daily Deals feature different local businesses which offer incredible deals on their products or services for 50%-95% off the normal price. The Coupon Codes category offers coupons to nearly any online store and hundreds of your favorite major retailers. Local Coupons allow you to find deals in your local community. Finally, look no further and travel no further, iCoupon has an ever expanding database of store and company owners that are dedicated to getting you the latest deals, located near you.

iCoupon Online allows you to choose from hundreds of products and services and provide you with the best deals in town, literally. You can choose from your favorite restaurants, giving you free appetizers, buy one get one free entrees, drinks, and desserts. Take your kids and their friends laser-tagging or to an amusement park near you with free entry upon discounted purchase. Check out these unbelievable prices to your favorite restaurants, spas, retail stores, and more!

Take any of our satisfied customer’s word like Negin Yazdani, a stressed out UC Davis law student, in need of a back massage. "I was amazed at the original value of the spa package deal, and then its discounted value. I was getting a $200 treatment for the price of $40. What was more amazing was that the massage felt so much more relaxing knowing the bargain I got for it, from iCoupon Online!"

Originally, iCoupon Online offered local daily deals in San Diego and San Jose in California, but has now expanded to 8 major cities around the country. Those cities include San Jose, San Diego, Phoenix, Boston, New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Orange County. iCoupon won’t stop there, they are planning to expand to 40 cities in the United States.

"We are so excited to have expanded to these 8 cities working with local businesses, generating new customers, and serving people all over the country. We look forward to expanding to 40 cities nationwide," said Matt Lehr, CEO of iCoupon Online.

iCoupon Online wants to provide affordable dining, shopping, and living services to the public, while in turn benefiting businesses. iCoupon doesn’t want you to pay full price again, and you shouldn’t have to! So iCoupon welcomes you, to the first day of the rest of your life- of amazing deals. Check them out at the website listed below!
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