Direct Health Store Launches As a Resource For Those Needing Credible Health Advice & Supplements

Published: Tue Aug 17 2010

There is plenty of evidence that says natural health products can help improve your health, but many people get confused when trying to decide which product or brand will best suit their health needs. A new website, Direct Health Store, has been launched to lend a helping hand to those looking for quality supplements and advice on how to best make use of these natural health treatments.

Though there is often great hype and excitement around the newest health products, most supplements on the market are not created equal, which makes it easy to waste time and money on products and remedies that are no good. However, Paul Shepherd, the owner of Direct Health Store, is committed to bringing consumers the health supplements and nutritional products that he believes are the best and most effective on the market.

In order to do this, Direct Health Store conducts their own independent tests and research on multiple supplements, and only chooses to market and distribute the products that they determine to have the best quality and effectiveness. Because Direct Health Store focuses on distributing pharmaceutical grade supplements, customers will save money in the long run, due to the fact that their products are much more potent and effective than traditional retail supplements.

In addition, shopping at Direct Health Store gives customers an opportunity to help others in the world. The company has also developed a project called The 1 World Project that is designed to make an impact on communities by providing them with the tools and technology they need to grow and develop. Direct Health Store invests a percentage of sales profits into this initiative, so by shopping with this company, consumers gain the opportunity to make an impact on communities that need help and support.

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About Direct Health Store:
Direct Health Store is a resource website and online store founded by Paul Shepherd that was launched to provide reliable advice about nutrition, exercise and methods of treatment for common diseases and ailments.

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