IanCo Baby Products Announces Introduction of Dreambur Designer Bassinet

From: Ianco Baby Products
Published: Wed Aug 18 2010

IanCo Baby Products, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, announces the introduction of the Dreambur, floating designer bassinet. With a lighter than air feel, the Dreambur is designed to hang from IanCo's multi-function GrowStand and provide a safe and calming sleeping environment as well as accommodate additional applications throughout infant growth stages.

"The Dreambur was designed by a new mother for new moms," said Cathy Chen, designer and company owner with her husband, Rick McCracken. "We recognized the need for a sleep system that was first of all safe and then also replicated the floating feeling a baby experiences prior to birth." The name Dreambur was the result of the dreamy experience the creators were seeking and Chen's pronunciation of a portion of the word for baby in her native Chinese.

The patented Dreambur, which is created in a soothing white-on-white color scheme, consists of a wide sleeping bassinet, a surrounding shear curtaining and IanCo's GrowStand, a sturdy free-standing hanging frame. The bassinet is made of a non-collapsing inner framework with a tailored covering of 100% cotton that boasts a special softness treatment. The memory foam mattress pad is encased in a plush dual layer cover of velvet and Dupont ActiveLayer . This composite creates a waterproof and breathable mattress pad cover that easily allows body heat to escape through the pad while also protecting the mattress from spills. A miracle membrane backing provides a healthy sleep zone with an anti-dust mite and allergy barrier. The cover is also removable and machine washable.

Numerous precautions were taken in the design of the bassinet for infant safety. One unique feature of the Dreambur are the windows incorporated into the body of the bassinet. Each allows for viewing of the infant as well as creates breathing areas for when baby snuggles up to the edges. Although boasting a weight capacity of 70 pounds, the bassinet is recommended for babies from preemie up to four months of age. Dimensional size of the bassinet is 34" x 20" x 13".

"Our children will live in a world of over-stimulation soon enough," said Chen. "With the Dreambur, we wanted to provide a peaceful, non-electronic resting environment." The Dreambur's floating design incorporates the modern IanCo GrowStand that measures 67" x 38" x 46". Constructed of tubular steel, the stand supports the bassinet from a single hanging point that creates the opportunity for soothing motion as a result of the infant's movements. Adjustable straps can create a custom height or an inclined orientation. A canopy curtain is attached to the top of the stand and is made of a cotton/linen mesh providing a filtered yet private sleeping environment for the baby. The attractive designer look of the Dreambur is a welcome addition to any room. By easily unclasping the safety hanging straps, the bassinet can become portable and can allow for moving the baby to other rooms.

"Although traditional in simplicity of design and purpose, the Dreambur has been created with 21st century technology in materials," said Chen. "The product uses the latest in high tech elements from memory foam to the waterproof and breathable pad cover." The GrowStand is designed to grow with the baby as it can easily accommodate a jumping seat or swing.

For more information about the Dreambur, contact Rick McCracken, info@dreambur.com, 800-338-3560 ext. 32. Exhibiting at The ABC Kids Expo - Booth # 4523 - Las Vegas - October 10-13, 2010.
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