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Published: Fri Aug 20 2010

FitFlop sandals have been year on year best selling summer sandals since their release in 2007, with the FitFlop Snugger boot a popular choice as the nights draw in and the temperatures dip below freezing. However for the wet, windy and inclement weather of the autumn and spring, FitFlop have up until last week come up a little short. However the release of a new line of FitFlop trainers last week, has plugged the seasonal gap, offering a design perfectly suited to the unpredictable British autumn weather.

The release of the FitFlop SuperTone has been perfectly timed, as the buying trends shift from lightweight summer sandals to more protective and robust shoes capable of dealing with wind, rain and plunging temperatures. As the warm summer weather draws to a close, the stylish leather trainers are the perfect choice, with a lightweight, flexible and comfortable design equally at home the wet and dry. FitFlop have responded to the demand for toning shoes which are closer to fashionable casual footwear, than the chunky soled shoes which typify the niche. FitFlop have hidden their toning technology well, and were it not for the FitFlop logo on the sole, no one would suspect that the shoes have hidden toning and posture correcting properties.

FitFlop SuperTone trainers have been one of the most eagerly awaited models at, one of the UK’s leading outdoor and fitness footwear providers. Since their release last week, they have already generated record toning shoe sales, with customers eager to get their hands on the latest snazzy designs. "FitFlop SuperTone trainers have been selling like hotcakes", claims Adam Smith of, with the high sales figures helped by the cool styles as much as the tried and tested toning properties. Released in red, white, black and silver colour schemes, they offer easy combination with a smart casual style designed to look perfect with jeans and all casual wear.

The shoes feature the famed FitFlop Microwobbleboard™ technology which has made their sandals such a popular choice, offering up to 30% more toning to the lower body compared with standard trainers. The technology has been adapted to fit in the sleek trainer styles, with reduced EVA foam for a low profile design, without compromising their health benefits. The shoes have been designed to correct the posture, improve blood circulation and tone during everyday activities, whilst being some of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

The FitFlop SuperTone is the first of two new lines to be introduced in 2010, with the arrival of the FitFlop SuperBoot due later this autumn. are well prepared for a similar sales rush on their release, with the knee length leather boots offering chic styling, again without a hit of toning visible to the untrained eye. If this week is anything to go by, FitFlop SuperBoots are likely to be one of the best selling footwear brands for winter, offering an unrivalled range of toning shoe styles, which are sure to see them remain at the top of the lifestyle fitness footwear charts.
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