Trivani Foundation Creates Women’s Center in Kenya

From: Trivani International
Published: Mon Aug 23 2010

The Trivani Foundation, a Utah based non-profit organization, has partnered with other non-profit organizations to construct a women’s center in Mnyenzeni, Kenya. The women’s center will be an emergency care facility with trained medical staff to aid in the event of an emergency pertaining to child birth.

Every year, hundreds of females give birth while in transit to the nearest hospital, as the closest hospital is hundreds of kilometres away. According to UNICEF, one out of every 39 Kenyan women dies in childbirth. The women’s center is intended to save countless lives of women and infants as emergency care will be provided in the village.

In addition to emergency care and immediate relief, the center will also provide women with pre-natal and post-natal care.

The first phase of organization, preparation and planning has been completed. The next phase will be construction of the facilities as well as training of health staff.

The Trivani Foundation is dedicated to providing relief to those in impoverished countries, while also giving people the resources to sustain themselves. Aiding women in emergency situations as well as educating them on the topic of women and children’s health is one way in which the Trivani Foundation employs their philosophy.

About the Trivani Foundation

The Trivani Foundation is a Utah based non-profit organization which is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to relieve the suffering of underdeveloped communities. Trivani also provides education and financial support to help impoverished communities learn to sustain themselves independent of others’ aid.

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