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From: Cosy Planet
Published: Tue Mar 01 2005

Lack of sleep, late nights and worry go hand-in-hand with being a new mum. So if you know a new mum or mum-to-be, why not spoil her with a gift to ease her path through motherhood!

Many new parents are anxious about keeping their baby happy without spoiling them too much. This can be difficult when baby is adjusting to the insecurities of the outside world, when compared to the cosy, confined place that was home for nine months.

Swaddling is an age-old practice that mimics the tightness of the womb. Restricting the movement of babies during the first six to nine months helps to calm and soothe as they gradually become accustomed to their new found freedom. This helps baby feel more relaxed and takes the pressure off mum.

Many mothers claim that swaddling helps with the following:

• Provides warmth and comfort to newborn babies
• Prevents babies from scratching their faces
• Calms fussy babies and helps them sleep through the night
• Helps babies feel secure by preventing them from flailing their arms and legs

The Cozy Cocoon™ range comprises soft and stretchy, sock-like swaddling clothing designed for maximum comfort and easy dressing. Jolanta Filipek, at Cosy Planet, distributor of Cozy Cocoon™, chose to introduce the Cozy Cocoon™ to the UK market following growing popularity towards the idea of swaddling. Parental concerns about overheating through wrapping babies too tightly can now be a thing of the past.

Jolanta Filipek, comments: "The premise behind Cozy Cocoon™ is that babies can have all the calming effects of swaddling, without the parental worry of mastering tricky swaddling techniques. Baby feels snug-as-a-bug and mum is content and relaxed with a happy little one."

Baby Cocoons start at £22.99 each and matching hats are available from £5.99 each. The cost of delivery is £3.95, however if the order is over £75 delivery is free. The range is available from www.cosyplanet.co.uk

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