Audi’s “Car Professor” initiates global "Usability Community"

From: academici. The Virtual Academy
Published: Thu Jul 14 2005

Chemnitz (Germany), Cambridge (UK), 14 July 2005. The newly created Usability Lab with 38 staff is highly sought after and of growing importance as it investigates the user friendliness of increasingly complex devices like cars, mobile phones and electro domestic products, which many users don’t find friendly anymore. Today, on the 14th of July, the lab is moving into new, purpose build US$1.5 million (EU€ 1.2 million) premises at the University. In parallel, a new global scientific "Usability and Ergonomics" community starts at, where specialists are invited to network, discuss and exchange ideas, prepare and announce conferences, call for scientific papers and help make technical devices usable. Prof. Spanner-Ulmer previously worked for the car maker Audi, world renown for its superb design and user friendliness.

Prof. Dr. Markus Vinzent of the University of Birmingham and Director of academici states: "When industry advertises devices as user friendly they tend to be as friendly to use as my easy ironing shirts are "easy to iron" – or not at all". Academici is delighted to welcome the usability icon Prof. Spanner-Ulmer and the "Usability and Ergonomics" specialist community on academici.

The academic online network’s aim is to improve the global communication in research and higher education and between universities and industry. According to Klaas Brumann, Head of International Communication at "the usability lab, which researches for many car and consumer goods companies is well ahead in turning academic research into tangible benefits for industry and consumers alike".

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