Travellers and Tourists’ Holiday Fashion Faux Pas Ranked in New Survey

Published: Wed Aug 25 2010

With many Brits making for the sunshine for a holiday this summer, research conducted has revealed the various holiday fashion faux pas committed by people when they are away. The survey shows that socks and sandals are the worst holiday fashion error committed while big exposed beer bellies are also not popular on the beach. The poll also showed that people from the Midlands have the worst holiday dress sense.

600 people were polled on what they think of the fashions worn by British holidaymakers, and men’s skimpy swimming trunks, women’s thongs, sunburn and having too many logos on clothing all featured as bad fashion mistakes on holiday. One third of people who voted think that women wearing football shirts on holiday is a big fashion mistake, while 20% of people also agreed that men in football shirts on holiday is unacceptable.

The polled showed that tourists and travellers from Birmingham and the Midlands dress the worst on holiday, with people from Newcastle and the North East, Scotland, Essex and then Manchester and the North West all ranking next. People on holiday from Yorkshire and East England rank the best dressed on holiday in the poll.

The poll was conducted by top money saving website, and national habits were also highlighted. Tourists from the USA were ranked worst dressed with the Germans, the Greeks and the British all coming next, while the Italians and Spanish were voted best dressed in the research.

There were questions on gender as well, with 83% of people (92% of men) considering men worse dressed than women when on holiday, even though men are more likely to buy new clothing (43%) for a holiday than women (32%) are. 57% of men and 68% of women said that they regularly wear holiday clothing they’ve had for more than 5 years.

On reasons and intentions for buying new clothing for a holiday, two thirds of respondents said that they buy something if it looks good on them while 1 in 5 commented that price is their key influencer. 14% of travellers and tourists pay under £50 for a new holiday wardrobe, while 70% spend somewhere between the £50 and £200 marks. 2% admitted to paying more than £500 for holiday clothing.

Simon Terry, managing director of, said: "It’s always interesting getting results to surveys like this as it reveals some interesting truths about people’s views. Holiday clothing is a touchy subject and people obviously want to get the best value for money that they can, something which is made much easier with our online codes and vouchers."

Other items mentioned in the poll results included trunks and swimsuits which turn see-through, Miami Vice-style trousers, too-tight swimsuits and even a mankini.

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• Holiday Fashion Mistakes in Order –

1) Socks and Sandals
2) Exposed beer bellies
3) Tight small trunks on men
4) Thongs on women
5) Sunburn
6) Football tops on women
7) Logo overload on clothes
8) Football tops on men

• Tourists from Birmingham and the Midlands have worst fashion sense in the UK, followed by Newcastle & the North East and then Scotland

• Americans voted as having worst fashion sense in world, Italians as best
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