$100 Per Sale Affiliate Programs For Webmasters Launched by Akorber.com

From: akorber.com
Published: Thu Jul 14 2005

Akorber.com is now taking applications for its new $100 per sale affiliate program. The $100 per sale affiliate program is open to webmasters whose websites get visitors from the U.S. and whose content is deemed suitable by akorber.com. The affiliate program is free to join and pays out monthly.

Akorber.com publishes the Korber Strategy, a successful stock market investment technique for individual investors. States Alan Korber, "our $100 per sale affiliate program is geared to websites in almost any category and our product appeals to all types of website visitors - because 50% of U.S. households invest in the stock market".

For more information on this affiliate program go to http://akorber.com/affil.html
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