San Diego Chiropractors Offer A New Twist To Eliminate Neck Pain With New Spinal Decompression.

For many years, chiropractors across the globe have used spinal decompression for low back pain and spinal stenosis. This revolutionary treatment is available now in San Diego for neck pain and many headaches.

Countless failed surgery patients have finally found relief after surgery made them worse. With this new technology, it’s obvious they may have never needed surgery in the first place. There is a very good reason why thousands of former neck pain and headache sufferers are calling non-surgical spinal decompression the "eighth wonder of the world." This amazing new medical breakthrough is responsible for cracking the neck pain code for thousands of former pain sufferers. Many pain victims previously tried everything and were thought to be hopeless cases.

To watch videos of advanced spinal decompression chiropractic technology, those interested can go to the San Diego website at According to Dr. Michael Pritsker, a chiropractor and spinal decompression DRX-9000 specialist at New Century Spine Centers, "Neck and back pain can be debilitating and affects thousands of people each year. But thanks to new advances in neck pain treatment for disc injuries and muscle spasms, thousands of neck and back pain sufferers are living pain free and enjoying life to its fullest."

Dr. Dirk Kancilia, DC, founder of New Century Spine Centers says "by utilizing advanced spinal decompression therapy together with the best skilled back doctors and sophisticated diagnostic testing, we are able to give the patient the best possible treatment for their neck pain. We work closely with medical doctors, spinal surgeons, chiropractors, and drx9000 spinal decompression specialists to eliminate their neck pain and spinal stenosis. Whether its neck pain victims that requested our free report from or if they were referred by their friends, family, or chiropractic doctor, they can rest assure that they are in the right hands at New Century Spine Centers in San Diego. Up until now, there were only three options that existed to deal with the pain from damaged neck conditions. They were swallowing pain medication for pain management, going under the knife with spinal surgery, or just dealing with the pain. New Century Spine Centers in San Diego has some of the top spinal decompression doctors in San Diego. They have also brought in some of the most advanced spine decompression therapies available for non-surgical treatment of neck pain.

Neck spinal decompression therapy in San Diego has been successful with even the most severe cases. It has even worked when all else failed. Cervical spinal decompression works for neck pain, headaches, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, a relapse or failure following surgery, migraine headaches, facet syndromes, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arm pain.

The really good news in all of this is that it is not something you have to continue to do for the rest of your life! So it is not a big commitment. Patients typically undergo 15 to 20 treatments sessions. Each treatment last between 25-30 minutes. This, of course, depends on individual cases and is determined by a thorough evaluation by the chiropractic doctor. It is important to note that many patients get substantial, immediate relief after just a few treatments. Some patients get substantial relief even after just one treatment.

Cervical spinal decompression treatment is FDA cleared and covered by many insurance companies. If the insurance does not cover the treatment, it is much more affordable than many back and neck surgeries. For debilitating neck and arm pain, it may be the best option.

Due to the high demand for information for neck spinal decompression therapy, they have set up two options to get information. Those interested can visit the website at They have also set up a 24 hour toll free recorded hotline where people with neck pain can call to get a free report and video. That toll free number is 1-888-611-2042. New Century Spine Centers is located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego. Don’t wait another day suffering in pain. With this new advanced technology, thousands of people are free from neck and back pain.
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