Banker’s Academy Launches Interactive Portfolio of Elearning Activities to Enhance Compliance Traini

From: Edcomm Banker’s Academy
Published: Sat Aug 28 2010

Edcomm Banker’s Academy has recently launched an Interactive Portfolio to help increase motivation in students at Banks, Credit Unions and Money Services Businesses (MSBs) worldwide. Showcasing a selection of activities currently offered in Edcomm Banker’s Academy’s eLearning training programs, the Interactive Portfolio can be viewed at

For many bank employees, training means a long, drawn-out and often boring classroom session. However, in today’s technologically advanced society, learning about bank policies and procedures can be fun! By using a wide array of activities that use multiple choice questions, matching games, fill-in-the-blank formatting and case-based scenarios, students will feel more motivated and enthusiastic about applying banking regulations and institutional policies and procedures to their individual roles at the financial institution.

The Interactive Portfolio is a collection of many of Edcomm Banker’s Academy’s interactive, highly-participatory activities to help students at Banks, Credit Unions and MSBs enhance their learning experience. Available in an eLearning format, the activities included in the Interactive Portfolio cover a wide range of topics such as: Compliance, Banking History, How to Dress Professionally, FinCEN, the 5 C’s of Credit, ATM Simulation, HMDA, Flood, Information Security, Product Descriptions, Important Banking Terminology, and much more. Some activities have even been customized for specific regions.

For more information about programs like this, or to find out how The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy can customize any training program, log onto or call +1.212.631.9400.

The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy is a 23-year-old multimedia education and communication consulting firm specializing in the development of creative business solutions that improve productivity, customer service and market share - providing bottom-line results. The Edcomm Group Banker’s Academy has had the privilege of assisting many distinguished clients with business solutions in the form of eLearning programs, online bank training and classroom instruction, multimedia production and online and print based documentation. Edcomm Banker's Academy offers many off-the-shelf and customized courses such as Teller Training, Compliance Training and Systems Training specifically designed for Banks, Credit Unions and Money Services Businesses (MSBs).

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