At Hand Productions is set to begin writing music for its latest production

From: At Hand Productions, Inc.
Published: Fri Jul 15 2005

At Hand Productions producer Andrew Hanna announces he has completed the libretto to the long awaited Erotica and is set to begin writing the music for this production. For the past four months, Andrew Hanna has been locked away writing the libretto for the theatrical production Erotica. As reported before, Erotica is an exploration into religion and sex and the mutual effects of each.

When asked as to what style the music of Erotica will be, Hanna responded with, "Well I usually don’t think in terms of style when I begin writing music. For me its about developing the themes and moods and ideas. Most of the time style is the last element that I think about. And the instrumentation of a production is last as well."

Many of Hanna’s productions incorporate techniques and other concepts that push concerts and theatrical events into new avenues of expression. Looking back over Hanna’s previous productions one can see that he has used an assortment of artistic genres to express a production. Hanna said that "Erotica will be using almost every art form. It’ll use lighting, music, movement, acting, video, and multimedia. I guess one can think of it in terms of a tour-de-force." When asked about the plot Hanna responded with "Well I won’t give away the plot at this moment. People should wait until the entire production is ready to be performed, then I’ll tell them about the production."

At Hand Productions officially began in January 2005 with its earliest origins dating back several years subsequent. It has set out to bring concerts and theatrical events to its audiences. Many of At Hand Productions' performances are designed by CEO and production manager Andrew Hanna. Some of Hanna’s more known pieces include ‘Prophecies of War’, ‘Values’, and ‘My Journal’. At Hand Productions is unique for its use of collective arts to portray its themes. In ‘Prophecies of War’, one will hear progressive rock, fusion, and spoken word. Along with these musical elements, ‘Prophecies of War’ uses video to give further depth to the production. ‘My Journal’, like ‘Prophecies of War’, uses much of the same elements, but unlike ‘Prophecies of War’, ‘My Journal’ incorporates movement and speech into the scheme. Furthermore, ‘My Journal’ uses an orchestra to create the musical atmosphere.

Interested persons are encouraged to go to At Hand Productions’ website ( to find out more about At Hand Productions and its repertoire. Furthermore, production companies and other interested persons can directly contact At Hand Productions concerning rentals and buying materials for their company.
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