New anabolic bodybuilding supplement powered by groundbreaking transdermal drug delivery technology

From: Antaeus Labs
Published: Sat Aug 28 2010

Antaeus Labs today announced their launch of Trenazone,a powerful pro-anabolic sports supplement using a revolutionary transdermal delivery solution that boosts bioavailability 600% over similar, but encapsulated, bodybuilding supplement products, and which is sold exclusively online at

Designed to boost workout intensity, nitrogen-retention and recovery times in trained athletes and bodybuilders, Trenazone is powered by nordienedione -- a powerful anabolic agent -- in a revolutionary and patent-pending transdermal delivery solution that boosts bioavailability -- or absorption-rate -- to levels that are currently impossible via oral administration.

Findings from clinical studies show that the oral bioavailability of compounds such as nordienedione stands at around 6%. Recent studies on transdermal technologies have indicated that the chemical penetration enhancers that fuel Trenazone can improve the bioabailability of those same compounds to as much as 70%.

By vastly increasing the bioavailability of an already powerful compound, Trenazone represents the most powerful commercial anabolic supplement, and should meet the muscle-gain and recovery needs of the world's most intense bodybuilders and athletes. It complements a successful fitness regimen that combines weight-training exercise and healthy eating. Trenazone is versatile, easy to apply, and is safe and entirely non-toxic.

Trenazone is available in a 1oz, 30-dose bottle, and can be purchased at A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered on all purchases.

About Antaeus Labs

Antaeus Labs is a biopharmaceutical and supplement company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialization of transdermal delivery systems. Antaeus Labs' mission addresses a simple goal: To develop effective, safe, non-toxic, and pharmacologically inert transdermal delivery systems.

The Company commenced operations in 2010 to capitalize on proprietary skin penetration-enhancement technology. Today, the Company is quickly becoming a leader in the discovery and development of novel transdermal delivery systems designed to boost the bioavailability of topically-applied active ingredients to 70%, and perhaps even beyond.

Antaeus Labs' first commercial product, TRENAZONE, is a topical/transdermal nordienedione solution, specifically indicated to trigger lean mass increases in healthy male athletes over the age of 21.

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