From: TrainingPASS Sales Corp.
Published: Sun Jul 17 2005

Auburn, ME (CLICKPRESS) — July 19, 2005 — Smart gadgets just got a whole lot smarter thanks to the debut of the hypnotherapy series. An online provider of training, sales, service, HR, marketing and business presentations, is now jumpstarting people’s self-improvement goals with the unveiling of its MP3 downloadable hypnotherapy sessions. Individuals who are seeking to improve their lives this summer season can access the sessions online at

By special arrangement, the TrainingPASS Sales Corp. has arranged for its series of hypnosis sessions to be converted into MP3s. What this means for individuals who are seeking to quit smoking, lose weight or boost their self-confidence is instantaneous access to the motivation they need to achieve success. The MP3 format affords self-improvement seekers unparalleled on-the-go portability, rendering the excuse of being unable to find time in one’s hectic schedule no longer viable. At the same time,’s anonymous online nature eliminates the intimidation and embarrassment one might encounter in attending real-life hypnotherapy sessions.

According to IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence advisory services, the worldwide compressed audio player (more commonly referred to as an MP3 player) market is booming and is expected to reach nearly $58 billion in revenues by the year 2008. That figure represents a five-year compound annual growth rate of 20%. No doubt about it, the world is increasingly embracing high technology and is poised to meet that demand.

While the digital equipment that technology giants like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG Phones and iPods have introduced to the high-tech public were originally designed for entertainment purposes, saw a learning-oriented opportunity in them and set out to fill it. The result of that inspiration is its six new hypnotherapy sessions. Smoking cessation, study habit improvement, weight loss, power-focused concentration, stress relief and unstoppable self-confidence are now just an MP3 download away. What’s more, these in-demand self-improvements are available for just a fraction of what a private hypnotherapy session costs.

Bob Therrien, President of TrainingPASS Sales Corp. is no stranger to the MP3 phenomenon. "When I got my new MP3 cell phone, I was thrilled to be able to bring my music with me everywhere I went. Then it dawned on me. Why couldn’t I harness that same fun and excitement into something that would enrich people’s lives?" He goes on to illuminate the MP3 hypnotherapy sessions’ benefits. "People who don’t want to attend a group session or shell out major cash for a private hypnosis, but who want that same level of privacy, will love the convenience that’s now available to them. Our hypnotherapy series is perfect for students, professionals and all individuals who want to improve their lives."

For more information on’s downloadable hypnotherapy sessions, contact Robert Therrien at (207) 336-2286 or email him at To start improving your life for the better, visit the company online at

Company: TrainingPASS Sales Corp.
Contact Name: Bob Therrien
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Contact Phone: 207 336-2286

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