GL Communications Inc. Announces its participation in 3GSM World Congress 2007! At Barcelona.

From: GL communications Inc
Published: Fri Feb 02 2007

GL Communications Inc., announced today its participation in 3GSM World Congress 2007!, to be held at Barcelona, Spain, from 12TH –15TH February, 2007. Speaking to the media, Mr.Rob Bichefsky, a senior manager at GL said, "3GSM World Congress is the worlds leading mobile communications event, and provides a platform to showcase the latest products and services in wireless and mobile communications industry. He also said, "The event is a place where the global mobile industry comes together and offers an opportunity to participate in cutting edge conferences, learn on growth opportunities and get to know the latest trends in convergence and mobile entertainment.

Mr.Rob Bichefsky, specifically mentioning about GL communications presence in the event said, "GL communications Inc is located at Booth #G69 in Hall 1 with their latest products and services on display. And told this would help the conference delegates to appreciate the latest in wireless VQT solutions.

The latest GL’s products are on display during the event

VQuad - A VQT System for any network

GL’s VQuad™ makes assessing Voice Quality between and within different networks easy, portable, and convenient.

·Automatic measurement of Voice Quality and QOS for any network, including VoIP, TDM, Wireless, or Analog
·Interface support for Wireless/WiFi, VoIP/Digital, PSTN (2-wire) Analog, VoIP (SIP/H.323), and T1/E1 (ISDN and CAS)
·Simultaneously controls up to 8 devices on a single portable system
·Allows for independent Automated Traffic and Call Control via script configurations
·Completely Automated with VQT MOS scores delivered to a remote client
·Drive Testing with VQT MOS scores plotted to local street maps using optional GPS receiver (most countries supported)

MobNetMon - Over air wireless network monitoring and analysis

GL’s MobNetMon™ permits automatic "off-air" monitoring of any GSM network directly from a QUAD band wireless phone.

·Supports GSM, GPRS, and EDGE networks
·Generate calls and view primary and surrounding GSM base stations
·GSM Protocol Analysis with real-time call tracing
·Full decode of GSM layer 3 messages supports real time and post processing analysis
·Force cell towers, induce critical tests within the network, and send/record voice traffic in an automated fashion while the call is connected
·Drive testing with results plotted to local street maps using optional GPS receiver (most countries supported)
·CDMA network support coming soon

About GL Communications Inc.

Founded in 1986, GL Communications Inc. is a leading supplier of test, monitoring, and analysis equipment for TDM, Wireless, and VoIP networks. Unlike conventional test equipment, GL's test platforms provide visualization, capture, storage, and convenient features like portability, remotability, and scripting.

GL’s TDM Analysis & Emulation line of products includes T1, E1, T3, OC-3, STM-1, analog four-wire, and analog two-wire interface cards and solutions. Capabilities include voiceband traffic analysis and emulation across all traffic types (voice, digits, tones, fax, modem), all protocols (HDLC, ISDN, SS7, CAS, GSM, GPRS, CDMA), and with capacities up to thousands of channels.

GL’s VoIP products generate / analyze thousands of calls simultaneously with traffic types such as voice files, digits, tones, noise, and fax using G.711, G.729, AMR, EVRC, and GSM codecs. Additional features include visual analysis, real-time listening, recording, and voice quality assessment using ITU algorithms PAMS, PSQM, and PESQ.

GL’s Wireless Products perform protocol analysis and voice quality assessment on GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and CDMA 2000 networks. Connections can be made to any wireless phone with automated call control, GPS, mapping software, and real-time signal measurements.

GL’s Echo Canceller testing solutions provide the broadest range of simulation and analysis, including compliance testing per G.168 and G.160. Network Surveillance and Monitoring products include Probes for TDM, VoIP, ATM, and Wireless networks.

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