Babya Software Group ships Babya bSuite 1.5

From: Babya Software Group
Published: Mon Jul 18 2005

Babya Software Group today announced Babya bSuite 1.5 -a update to Babya's ground breaking free office and digital media suite is now shipping.

New in version 1.5:
-Babya bMovie HD-high definition quality video streaming solution
-Babya bMix-8 track MIDI sequencer
-Babya bFlow-visual flowcharting application
-Babya bMovie-a easy to use, 4 step movie creator

Features and Components
Babya bSuite includes the below applications:
word processing,spreadsheets,databases,slideshows and albums,web and RSS browsing,image editing,word translations,accounting software,web site creation ,audio playback/conversion.

-Babya E-Type features-Babya E-Type is a word processor/script or programmer's editor with an incredible sense of style.
-Some of the features of Babya E-Type are:
Opens and saves text, Visual Basic .bas/module files ( also can open other programming code files, eg. .asp, *.php or .html ) and RTF files and the common .rtf format.

Babya bSheet:Excel style spreadsheetCan use more than 1 worksheet in a file,Easy to use,Just the basics.

Comparable to QuickBooks New User Edition,Many small businesses don't need a complex package.-Includes customer management, invoicing and simple inventory management,Secure, multi-user login,Available standalone and in bSuite.

Uses a editable database.

Babya bDesign lets you integrate elements created in other Babya bSuite applications.

Stylish interface,Included with bSuite or available separately.
Comes with HTML page templates.

Outstanding Features-real time preview editing environment,HTML code editor with syntax highlighting,Dynamic action when editing your page,many cool functions.

bLogo includes an amazing and mind boggling 166 backgrounds and textures-fancy that!

Primarily for bLogo, but we thought many of you don't want to use bLogo. Babya Presenter Pack-Volume 1:Textures and Backgrounds.

Use them in any application, as desired.There will be addiitional volumes released throught 2005.

A.A. Fussy remarked, "At the first Babya Expo for 2005, building on the success of last year's 2 expos, we introduced bigger, better products . These products are be awe-inspiring, ground-breaking, and most important they give innovative and professional results, but with the ease of use, Babya programs are very famous for. Babya bSuite 1.5 improves on bSuite 1.0 by including HD quality video encoding with bMovie HD, flow-charting, easy to use music and movie creation."

More information:

Pricing and Availability:
Babya bSuite 1.5 is now available as a free download at the following websites:[id]89406[SiteID]
Company: Babya Software Group
Contact Name: A.A. Fussy
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 725-025-0900

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