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From: 360 Health Inc.
Published: Fri Sep 03 2010

Hot flashes, changing hormones, and weakening bones are only a few of the many symptoms menopausal women traditionally experience in their formative years. While there are a number of so-called miracle cures for the less pleasant changes associated with menopause; clear and concise expert advice can be hard to find. Founder of 360menopause.com, Gail Edgell, seems to have found an answer to the lack of practiced information available.

The website is broken down into three main "free education" sections: Exercise, Nutrition, and Wellness. Each section is chock-full of information on a wide range of topics from exercises to slow down and prevent osteoporosis to bio-identical hormones. "There are a lot of misconceptions about menopause -- that women’s lives are over and there’s nothing to look forward to," the 41-year-old Edgell says. The goal of the website is not only to provide information for the women involved, but to provide a community that can share in the difficulty of this time in life. She notes that women in other countries -- China and Japan, for example -- actually look forward to their menopausal and post-menopausal years. "They look at this as an awesome time of life."

Even a quick glance at 360menopause will illustrate Edgell’s dedication to providing information and changing the way our culture views menopause. "We are in charge of our own health and well-being, whether it’s mental, physical or emotional," she says. "So if we can change ourselves, we can start to change the attitudes of other women about getting older." So if you are looking for menopause support or relief from menopause visit www.360menopause.com and check out Gail Edgell’s ebook The Ultimate Guide to Solving your Menopausal Systems Today.

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Company: 360 Health Inc.
Contact Name: Gail Edgell
Contact Email: gedgell@360womenshealth.com
Contact Phone: 7174682623

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