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Published: Fri Sep 03 2010

North Cyprus is an island of immense beauty there is no doubt that it is one of the most favourite destinations of the tourists from all over the world. Everything about Cyprus is unique. You are sure to get enchanted by its scenic beauty. Visit you here once and you will become addicted to this island. You would love to come here again and again. Rightly considered by the tourists "An island in isolation but full of beauty.

This summer if you are planning to spend some nice time with your family or friends then you need to come to this island. For all inclusive Cyprus holidays, you don’t need to spend much. Stay here in Cyprus hotels requires not much money. You will certainly get what you are looking for.

If you are dreaming of holidaying or honeymooning on a beautiful or a tranquil island then your dream can come true. You will surely get captivated by the beauty or the serenity of this Mediterranean island. This island has a wealth of many lovely sandy or coarse beaches, luxury spas or great many luxurious or cheap hotels. Nothing can be said about the landscape or the beauty of the island. It is such a wonderful place to be visited again and again. It has many historical attractions. It is also known for its holy sites. It is full of exotic beauty. Full of birds, animals or plant life.

Marine life of this island has always been a subject of interest for many of the tourists or the travellers here. They come here often to see the sea life here. Gathering sea shells near the water banks can be fun for children. You can have all the enjoyment your heart is craving for. You will definitely have a great time here with your loved-ones. So if you opt for Cyprus holiday package you are going to get immense amount of pleasure from your holiday trip.

Come here to enjoy scenes of marvellous beauty of nature. And when you come here do not forget to spend some of your time here in bellapais abbey. It is really a nice place. It is actually a small village in northern Cyprus. You will love it. This place is calm and you will not find much population here. Breezy beaches are awaiting for you. So come enjoy your holiday Cyprus and it is worth saying here that most of the tourists consider this place to be more beautiful or full of attractions than any other places in north Cyprus.

Bellapais monastery village is really a centre of attraction. So, have you not yet decided to spend your bellapais holidays? The beauty of this place will envelop you and will not let you go. Even, you yourself will find it difficult to leave this place. This island really has beautiful settings.
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