Women In Music with Laney Goodman Comes To Podcasting

From: Women In Music with Laney Goodman
Published: Tue Jul 19 2005

Founded in 1996, Women In Music started broadcasting on a handful of public radio stations, and support has been growing ever since. This weekly, one-hour show features excellent music from female musicians and women-fronted bands from many genres. From folk to jazz, singer/songwriters to blues, alternative to acoustic, Americana roots to world beat, Women In Music has something for everyone. Now heard on more than 88 markets, nationwide, Women In Music has built a loyal listenership through the United States, as well as abroad.

Host Laney Goodman has been honing her unique mix for over 18 years as a radio host and producer, and half the artists she plays each week on Women In Music are independent or unsigned. But all the musicians she plays are accomplished and talented -- and rarely heard anywhere else on-air.

Women In Music has been at the leading edge of the music scene from the start; it was one of the first shows picked up by Audionet.com (later Broadcast.com, which was acquired by Yahoo) and broadcast to an international audience online. Now Women In Music is continuing the tradition of joining emerging technologies with emerging new artists, through podcasting each week's show.

Listeners can download the show at http://www.podgrrls.net to play on their computers or on their MP3 players, like the Apple iPod. Listeners can also subscribe to RSS feeds, which tell them about upcoming shows. Each week, a 15-minute preview MP3 of the upcoming show will be available to feed subscribers, and for the month of July, one-hour shows are available for download free of charge.

Starting in August, full-length shows of Women In Music will be available to subscribers for $1.50 each. This nominal fee helps offset hosting and production costs, and it helps Women In Music make cutting-edge indie music available to a worldwide audience, in an engaging mix as only Laney Goodman can create. 15-minute show previews will continue to be free of charge, and weekly updates will be available.

Listeners can contact the host at info@podgrrls.net for more information, or visit http://www.podgrrls.net to find out more about Women In Music with Laney Goodman.
Company: Women In Music with Laney Goodman
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