Delphian School Alumna Studies Art in Greece

From: The Delphian School
Published: Tue Jul 19 2005

Christine Anderson, a 2002 graduate of the Delphian School, recently returned from a semester abroad at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Greece. She is the third Delphian School graduate to attend the program.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts is a school based on the Greek
island of Paros. The school focuses on small classes of students who
come together to raise their ability in the arts. Anderson studied photography, digital photography, painting, drawing, figure drawing, literature, art history, photography history, mosaic, drama and writing.

When she arrived home in May, Anderson held a seminar for a group of Delphian School literature class students who were reading Homer's The Odyssey. She explained what the school was like in Greece, demonstrated how to pronounce Greek names, taught the students how to speak a few words in Greek, and cooked a traditional Greek meal for the class so that they could get some real understanding of the Greek culture.

She told the class: "I had a lot of fun in Greece enhancing my ability as an artist. One of the ways the school intends to educate is to surround a person with so much beauty that they can't help but be inspired to create something beautiful on their own. It was just what I needed to become inspired to produce beautiful works of art.

"My education at The Delphian School gave me the ability to balance studying many subjects at the same time and to succeed in all of them."

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