New RFID Panel Antenna for mid-range and long-range coverage

From: Mobile Mark, Inc.
Published: Tue Sep 07 2010

Mobile Mark has recently introduced a new 8 dBic RFID Patch Antennas for both the 868 MHz and 915 MHz bands that will work with most RFID readers build by RFID manufacturers in the US or Europe.

US models cover 902-928 MHz with Right Hand Circular Polarity. Models for Europe and many other parts of the world cover 865-870 MHz with Left Hand Circular Polarization.

The Patch Antenna is intended for mid-range or long-range coverage, such as in a warehouse setting. The antenna offers 8 dBic gain with a beamwidth of 70-degrees elevation and 70-degrees azimuth. For optimum coverage, these figures should be combined with the installation instructions issued by RFID manufacturers in the US and Europe.

The rugged radome makes it well suited for industrial applications. The ASA radome is both impact resistant and UV resistant. The antenna will withstand a conventional water spray which means it will meet water ingress IPx5 ratings.

"As the RFID applications evolve, we are seeing requests for a larger variety of reader antennas. For example, antennas that provide either near field coverage or longer distance coverage." according to Ken Lukowski, VP Sales. "The new PN8-915 antenna is ideal for mid-range and long-range applications and customers like the rugged construction. This antenna can easily be used in industrial applications and match up well with the readers made by RFID manufacturers in the US and Europe."

The PN8 Series antenna is relatively compact for the gain. It measures 9" x 9" x 1.6" (23 cm x 23 cm x 4 cm) and is typically supplied with 1-foot of RG-58 cable with an SMA connector. Connectors may vary per customer request. The antenna is operational from -40°to +85° Celsius and can handle a maximum power of 20 watts.

The antenna is pipe mounted with a rugged L-bracket and U-Bolt mounting kit. This allows for a secure and easy installation. A slot in the standard mounting bracket allows for vertical swivel tilt adjustment of up to 24-degree.

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