Emirati Woman Wins a 2011 Renault at Eton Institute’s Biggest-Ever Prize Draw

From: Eton Institute
Published: Tue Sep 07 2010

An Emirati national, Sarah Al Marashi, won the 2011 Renault car, at the much-awaited Grand Car Prize Draw at Eton Institute, the UAE’s foremost training and development provider. The institute, renowned for its high-quality language, computers, teaching and corporate training courses, had launched the massive ‘Win a Car’ campaign, its biggest-ever prize draw and the first of its kind for any educational institute in the country, as a special promotion for students taking a course at the centre during summer.

The lucky winner, Sarah Al Marashi, a working professional currently taking computer training at Eton Institute, was taken completely by surprise when the marketing team walked into her classroom to inform her that she had won a brand new car: "It was a great surprise and very unexpected. The first thought in my head was "Are they sure? I don't believe this!" I was completely shocked and surprised at having won, which quickly turned into excitement and delight. I would like to thank the team at Eton Institute for making this happen and for the car. It’s a wonderful and unexpected bonus to an already great experience that I have had attending a course at Eton."

Speaking about her experience learning at Eton Institute, Sarah added: "I chose Eton because of the range of courses available, the flexibility of timings and the location, not to mention the affordable pricing of the courses. My experience has been very positive thus far. The staff is friendly and helpful and the instructor is well informed and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed learning new things and applying what I have learnt."

Eton Institute, specializing in training in over 100 languages, computers, teaching certifications, business skills training and tailor-made corporate training solutions, offers exciting prizes, free offers, and exclusive discounts every month as added value for its community of learners. Dr. Eli Abi Rached, Director of Eton Institute, commented: "It’s a great feeling to giveaway something as truly valuable and life-changing as a car. We can’t get enough of that priceless look of surprise and joy when a student’s just been told that they’ve won. Rewarding students and bringing smiles to their faces is something we do and will continue to do with a passion."

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