eView Technologies Enables Microsoft IE Support with Remote Video Surveillance Management Software

From: eView Technologies
Published: Tue Jul 19 2005

eView Technologies, a Security Automation Management company providing intelligent video surveillance technologies, today announced that eView Web Manager 2.01 works with Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 to provide an ideal platform for remote viewing of digital video surveillance security images over the Internet.

"Delivering support for Internet Explorer 6.0 is a significant achievement in terms of extending our technology, market and, most importantly, helping our customers to make their surveillance systems much more efficient," said Kevin Shahbazi, eView Technologies’ President and CEO. "With Microsoft Internet Explorer, eView Web Manager provides a flexible and reliable remote viewing experience with enhanced Web privacy features for all users. With the help of Microsoft IE, we are enabling our clientele with a smoother access to their corporate video surveillance data, throughout the globe, 24x7."

eView Manager 2.01 is eView Technologies’ product in the rapidly growing digital video surveillance security market. eView Technologies product suites offer a combination of hardware, software, systems, and networking technologies aimed at performing multiple security and productivity functions. eView Manager automatically identifies objects, detects motion and reports anomalies to desired or predefined equipment, email address, pager, cell phone or a wireless PDA. In a typical application, eView Manager captures images of the subject through a video camera, which can be monitored and viewed locally or remotely via Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

eView Technologies is a member of the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), the largest and most active tech council in the nation.

About eView Technologies
eView Technologies offers innovative security and productivity products for clients who desire to improve their security and IT infrastructure, to enhance their customers’ experience, and in turn, dramatically improve their own bottom lines. The eView Manager delivers an entirely new level of security and process management that introduces science into the digital video surveillance security technologies currently on the market. eView Technologies products suite protects against internal fraud and theft, sabotage, malicious acts and legal exposure. It also helps an organization to enjoy the same protection outside their physical boundaries. eView Manager is also designed to work with camera stacks from a wide array of manufacturers. eView Technologies markets and sells its solutions worldwide directly and through the channel, and a wide variety partners. For further information and press releases on eView Technologies, please visit http://www.eViewTechnologies.com or by calling (703) 378-8884, FAX (309) 401-5895.

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