Bringing Hypnotherapy To Your Home

From: wellerassociates
Published: Tue Jul 19 2005

Hypnosis is a very effective technique that can help with a wide range of issues including curing phobias and helping people to stop smoking, lose weight and learn to relax. Sam also works with local business people to alleviate stress and improve business performance, as well as with international sports stars to help them gain that all-important competitive edge.

Whilst the hypnotic process can bring about quite dramatic results, theatrical shows that use hypnosis for entertainment purposes can put many people off from using it. Sam hopes that his new website will encourage people to try hypnosis for themselves and benefit from this traditionally underused but highly effective technique.

The new website provides access to an extensive range of audio tracks that can be downloaded for a one off price of only £9.99 each. This is considerably inexpensive when compared to 121 hypnotherapy sessions. The tracks focus on the main issues that Sam’s clients visit him for. Each track includes 30 minutes of relaxation and positive suggestion.

Hypnosis works by helping you gain a state of deep relaxation so that your inner feelings can work for you. It is a natural state and draws upon your own internal resources.

As with any form of exercise hypnosis works more effectively the more you use it. The benefit of an audio track is that you can listen to it in the relaxing surroundings of your own home and use it as often as you like.

Sam Weller comments, "Hypnosis can help you to realise your own potential and change limiting factors that you may believe about yourself. It helps to get your emotional energy working for you. It’s a massively underused technique and I want to make it far more available. Hypnotictracks is a wonderful introduction to hypnosis and you will gain all the benfits of a hypnotherapy session in the comfort of your own home"

Some of the many positve comments that Sam has received

James Craddock of Watlington Oxfordshire

"I have tried many of the virtual hypnosis sessions that are available to download. In all honesty they’re almost as good a face-to-face session at a fraction of the cost!
I can recommend www. for hypnosis sessions to help with Personal and Corporate Achievement including public speaking."

Dave Beesley of Oxford

"Quite amazing I felt extemely relaxed and wonderfully calm.I have allot of stress in running a large company and this is the perfect antidote if I need an instant hypnotherapy session to unwind."

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