Harold Rhett Stein Now Serving North West Oklahoma

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Published: Fri Sep 10 2010

Harold Rhett Stein, available online at www.rhettsteinbailbonds.com, is now announcing that they are expanding their service area to include North West Oklahoma.

Harold Rhett Stein provides bail for a criminal defendant in court. Bail bond agents are often able to secure a client’s release in a few hours, allowing the client to be able to leave the jail and to return home.

Harold Rhett Stein is now expanding his successful bail bonds office, Harold Rhett Stein, to cover a much wider area. Harold Rhett Stein’s office already covered many parts of Louisiana and some of Texas, but with the newly expanded area, Harold Rhett Stein hopes to be able to serve even more clients with competitive rates.

Unlike many bail bonds companies, Harold Rhett Stein and his staff do all of the underwriting in house, which not only saves on time, but saves on the cost as well. Because the underwriting is done in house, the process to get bonded is very short, allowing for the client to be able to go about their business once again very quickly.

Harold Rhett Stein and his agents have over 35 years of experience in bail bonds, so they are able to not only provide high quality service, but are also able to provide the best prices, and Harold Rhett Stein guarantees it.

"We provide a necessary service, and because we guarantee the best prices, we know that we can help those who need us. We’re extremely excited to be able to widen our coverage area to the North East Texas area, as we can now bring our competitive rates, and our expertise, to a wider group of people," said Harold Rhett Stein.

Not only does Harold Rhett Stein provide professional, discreet service, but they also specialize in large bail bonds, which many bonds agencies tend to shy away from. Harold Rhett Stein states that collateral is not necessary on most bail bonds, and promises that he and all of his staff will always provide friendly service as they continue to expand to larger areas.

For more information, please visit Harold Rhett Stein's website, available at: http://www.rhettsteinbailbonds.com

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