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From: BookDinner
Published: Fri Sep 10 2010

Folaji Fadeyibi is pleased to announce the launch of Bookdinner.com, a website that helps restaurant owners increase visibility, and ultimately the profitability of their establishments. Fadeyibi, Founder and CEO, thought of the idea while sitting around the dinner table with a couple of his Drexel MBA buddies and realized that there wasn't a so called "Google" of the dinner dining world. "I wanted to create a website that gives the people what they're looking for when searching for a restaurant" says Fadeyibi. "I also wanted to give them a wonderful dining experience before they even step foot in the restaurant."
BookDinner.com shows video presentations of every restaurant that signs up for their service. These videos depict the restaurant's ambience as well as the owner's perspective of what makes their restaurant unique from others. These videos help transition potential customers from these virtual restaurants to the real ones with ease. It allows them to preview the establishment before they decide to make a visit, and is sure to increase business and restaurant traffic.
The videos are produced by BookDinner.com's team of professional videographers and editors and are produced for no additional charge to the Restaurants signing up for the BookDinner.com service. The video production service is one of many services that are currently being offered in addition to restaurant owners being able to login and update information on a daily basis. BookDinner.com also grants restaurant owners access to their Facebook Fan page where the owner can advertise deals, discounts, or events to BookDinner.com members.
Another key feature that BookDinner.com offers is online reservation services for restaurants. Bookdinner members who make their reservations online through
BookDinner will automatically receive 10% off the bill. at and will receive a 10% discount The BookDinner reservation tool is very powerful and helps owners maximize their potential revenue by optimizing seating. There is no underbooking or overbooking with this system. This can ultimately save the restaurant thousands of dollars per year if they subscribe to services such as Opentable.
Although the site has only fully launched two months ago, the site has created a
significant amount of buzz. "I think that we really have something going with
BookDinner.com and restaurants are beginning to take notice" adds Fadeyibi. "They
understand that we're here to help them get business and they appreciate that. My site's viewers are looking for deals and these restaurants are willing to give it to them. It's as simple as that. It's a win-win for all parties involved."
Company: BookDinner
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