Legere Solutions, Inc. Expands Market to Federal Government Agencies

A total-woman owned business Legere Solutions, Inc. as a government contractor is able to offer public relations and marketing communications services to all branches of the federal government.

[ClickPress, Wed Feb 07 2007] Concord, Ma—Legere Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce its new status as a Government Vendor/Contractor. Under this plan Legere Solutions is in a unique position to offer public relations and marketing communications services to all branches of the federal government.

Under this arrangement, Anne Hardy, President of Legere Solutions, is taking aggressive steps to further break into the world of government contractors and sub-contractors. “We realize that we have jumped into a large tank”, she said, when asked about how Legere Solutions views the competition. "Nonetheless we are confident that our experience in public relations for fortune 1000 companies and others can be a driving force. Already we have submitted bids for NTSB and US Census Bureau programs. Going foward we plan to use this as one more avenue to give us opportunities for new partnerships."

As a total-woman owned business, Legere Solutions has entered into partnerships with other businesses, including minority-owned Ardis Technologies and iiON Corporation and Datalis Solutions Corporation that have succeeded in breaking through small business challenges to become well-known entities in their own name, familiar to many of the larger companies providing government services.

Legere Solutions can provide a single-source solution for Public Relations and Marketing Communications. Services available include media support, marketing collateral, event management, as well as business consulting available through Legere Solutions or their partners. The biggest offering they have is the development of complete PR Campaigns built using their PKA solution, People, Knowledge and Action.™ When needed Legere’s partner solutions work together to deliver cost-effective campaigns that are tailored to meet specific client needs.

"This undertaking is an important step for our company in sharing our proven solutions with the government market,” said Bernhardt Ochse, a returning Iraq veteran working with Legere Solutions. He continued, “Legere Solutions principals offer decades of experience in the private and non-profit sector and they are ready to offer the same skills and experience to the government. While only in their second year of business they have begun to establish a reputation for responsiveness and quality with their ability to deliver timely results."

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