Back to School Costs Parents £1000+ a New Survey Has Found

Published: Mon Sep 13 2010

It has been found by a new national survey that parents are experiencing an increase in outgoings coming up to the new school year, with costs spiraling up to and over £1000 per child due to new school uniforms, school trips and accessories. They are also feeling pressured into buying famous brand name items for their children.

The survey was conducted for, which is a popular money saving website relating to the outgoings parents have coming up to the start of the new school year.

More than 50% of those who were surveyed said they felt pressured into buying equipment and clothing for their children that were of a popular brand name. 25% of those parents said they did not want their child to feel left out due to not having the latest clothing or items. 1 in 10 families surveyed, felt that their child would be bullied for not having famous branded clothing.

It was found that mothers were twice as likely to feel pressured as fathers and they would also be more likely to worry about bullying. Only 1 in 10 schools had a policy against children wearing brand label clothing.

Simon Terry, a spokesperson said, "The costs associated with the new school year are rising and parents are feeling the strain, especially at a time like this when money is tight. What is even more worrying than the costs is that bullying is a factor in the decision to buy these items".

Up to £500 is spent on new school clothing by 95% of parents, as well as up to £500 by 815 of respondents, on school activities such as music lessons and after school swimming lessons. 1 in 10 parents spent up to £1000 on their children for extras such as after school activities, while 3% of parents had spent over £1000.

The survey found that 90% of families bought new uniforms for the 2010/2011 school year. 75% of the children had new sports clothing for school and 65% were bought new school bags, coats and stationery. 21% had new sporting equipment bought and 1 in 12 children had been bought with a new mobile phone before the school year was to commence.

Adding to the costs, half of those parents who were questioned also bought their children different uniforms for the winter and summer months.

Regardless of the spiraling costs, 62% of the families surveyed said they would never allow their children to go to school in a second hand uniform.

Mr. Terry also added, "With many families being affected by pay freezes and rising fuel costs, this has dented their disposable income. Parents have had to start and look at alternative ways to save money and money off vouchers and comparing prices for the back to school items is an ideal way to do this".

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