Mary Aloe Producer Prepping ART OF THE HEIST

Published: Tue Sep 14 2010

Producer Mary Aloe and Director/Producer Daniel Zirilli start filming their second of three pictures in November 2010. ART OF THE HEIST is a female action thriller in the vein of Die Hard and Panic Room. "Our heroine is a bullet in a dress," says Producer Mary Aloe. ART OF THE HEIST tells the story of a beautiful female cop, who has had to turn in her badge. She becomes a guest at a blue-blood benefit in a castle-like winery. Unexpectedly, she is forced to use her skills when the hired catering
company turns out to be a methodical gang of art thieves. This party quickly turns into a full blown cat and mouse action art heist thriller. Producer Daniel Toll and Executive Producer Lee Friedlander join Producer Mary Aloe and Mr. Zirilli in bringing Jamie Dawson's script to the screen.

Producer Mary Aloe and Daniel Zirilli are also teaming up through Aloe Entertainment and Pop Art Film Factory to film the urban action drama, BOOK OF LIFE, and the family drama, PISTOLEROS in the coming year.
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