Reviewers Sing Praises of Electric Pocket's Busker MP3 and Ringo Pro for Palm OS PDAs

From: Electric Pocket, Ltd.
Published: Wed Jul 20 2005

More reviews of Electric Pocket's Busker MP3 and Ringo Pro, popular applications for Palm OS devices have been published in print and online media outlets; and the results are 'sound' to say the least. Both applications scored high marks for their functionality and ease-of-use.

Busker MP3, an MP3 player for Palm OS smartphones and PDAs, was recently reviewed by Jen Edwards and featured in both the print and online issues of Computer Power User. The review provides a look at several of Busker MP3's best attributes including the application's organizational design, easy-to-read displays, QuickMix options, tracking features and more. For the full review, visit:

PDABuzz also reviewed Busker, giving it an overall 'Grade A' rating. "Busker is probably the most intuitive of the MP3 players I have experimented with," says reviewer Gary Mazo. "It was easy to create playlists and manage music and it was graphically pleasing as music was played." To read the full review, visit:

In the same review, Mazo also featured an overview of Ringo Pro, an application designed specifically for the palmOne Treo smartphone that allows users to set MP3s and unique pictures to incoming calls from friends and family members. The program's ability to play MP3s greatly enhances a user’s ability to personalize their Treo and provides access to the world of 'real tones.' In his review, Mazo writes, "Ringo Pro does exactly what it says – it lets you make your Treo sound like it is playing real music when people call – because you are playing real music!"

"Ringo Pro’s preferences are simple, with the ability to manage all non-MP3 ringtones ("New", which lets you record a new tone, "Send" which lets you send the tone via IR, Bluetooth, etc. and "Details" which gives you the ability to edit the name of the ringtone) and to import ringtones from your SD card," says Nigel Holderby, reviewer for "I wholeheartedly and happily give Ringo Pro a four out of five Treos rating!" To read Treo Addict's full review, visit:

Additional information about Busker and Ringo Pro can be found on the Electric Pocket Web site: Busker retails for $19.95 and Ringo Pro retails for $29.95.
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