Los Angeles, CA --- Producer-Engineer-Saxophonist and Flutist, Maurice Gainen is taking on new music ‘grounds.’ With nearly two decades of professional music industry experience, including many notable projects and having mastered the last twenty-seven compilation CDs for Starbucks, Maurice Gainen is proud to announce the release of a CD all his own, JAZZ WORLD COLORS, available at, and

JAZZ WORLD COLORS was created for Gainen’s own creative satisfaction with no commercial considerations, just hoping to share his music with the world with the possible bonus of making a difference. "I believe that in our society the reward for creativity has to be the creative act itself. Any other types of rewards are fleeting or non-existent except for the lucky few. So just the act of doing JAZZ WORLD COLORS was the reward. From that point, the first time someone said ‘I was having a rough day until your CD completely chilled me out,’ it was the emotional gravy train for me… made me feel great," explains Gainen.

From some Latin heat to an Asian jazz tune, to an Argentinean flavored Tango gliding into "The Gospel To End All Gospels" – JAZZ WORLD COLORS reflects the rainbow of music styles he’s always enjoyed, incorporating a unique fusion blend of upbeat rhythmic, melodic, hypnotic and contemporary flavors all in one CD . "My motivation is simply my love of all music styles. Today’s inspiration is from traveling and people I meet and work with – I play and record with a lot of the best musicians in Los Angeles and some international talents," explains Gainen.

Professionally, Gainen has produced, recorded, mixed and performed with an impressive roster of well-known stars over the years in every music genre covering the spectrum of Jazz, Alternative, Rap, R&B, Rock, World Music and Broadway. But when it came to his own CD, Gainen’s efforts to write, produce, arrange, record, mix and master JAZZ WORLD COLORS took on a more personal journey. "Professionally, of course, production-wise, I just wanted to do the best I could. If I had a goal musically, it was to create a snapshot of where I am at this point in time. I really just want to make people feel good," states Gainen.

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