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Education: Entrepreneur Mom Featured on Good Morning America

Entrepreneur Mom Featured on Good Morning America

A mother and educator uses her skills and business know how to create a unique and educational business plan, teaching Spanish as a second language to young children.

[ClickPress, Sat Feb 10 2007] Entrepreneur mom Jennifer Manriquez received national recognition this week, when she was featured on Good Morning America. (See video link:

The young mother is conquering the business world without sacrificing her home life. Manriquez started her language education company Bilingual Fun ( ) out of her living room 3 years ago. Now, her thriving program has grown to offering classes from as young as 18 months- age 10, in addition to creating and producing award winning Spanish for Children instructional DVDs. As a mom and educator with 2 young children of her own, Manriquez uses her personal and professional experience to educate others on the importance of early language instruction.

Manriquez was chosen from thousands of women around the country to be highlighted on the national morning show for her unique and successful business plan. Sticking with the theme of the GMA segment "How to Start a Business for Under $200", Manriquez exemplifies how you can use your skills and passion to create a viable business opportunity for hardly anything.

The Bilingual Fun Company, along with the other women owned businesses that were highlighted, serve as an inspiration and motivation for women everywhere to take control of their lives and own their successful businesses.

Contact: Jennifer Manriquez


Company: The Bilingual Fun Company
Contact Name: jenm
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Contact Phone: 734.748.3898
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