Aeros 40B-19 Surveillance Platform Successfully Completes Its First Flight

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Published: Wed Jul 20 2005

Tarzana, California -- In the Caribbean the Aeros 40B-19 Sky Dragon Airship successfully completed its first flight and entered the operational phase. The A40B-19 took off from the assigned base at 6:00 a.m. local time and was captained by Alfred (Corky) Belanger, Aeros Chief Pilot. During today’s flight, Corky successfully put the airship through a series of maneuvers to verify its performance.

After landing, the Chief Pilot and Aeros President Mr. Igor Pasternak confirmed that the airship and engines had handled as anticipated. Corky commented: "We had a very successful first flight and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. All systems and engines performed exceptional".

For his part, Aeros President and CEO Igor Pasternak thanked the crew for their performance: "I wish to congratulate Alfred Belanger and the rest of the team for this successful first flight. I also sincerely thank our engineering and production department, as well as the ground crews who, through their ceaseless hard work, have made this day a success".

The Aeros 40B-19 airship is equipped by the most advanced concept of the lighter-than-air (LTA) aircraft digital flight control system and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airship will be used as a surveillance platform, which makes this machine first in the history of LTA to be utilized for that exclusive purpose. With the most modern and comprehensive technologies on the market, Aeros is proud to present A40B-19 Surveillance Platform.
About Aeros: AEROS is the world's leading lighter-than-air, FAA-certified aircraft manufacturing company. The Company's operations involve research, development, and marketing of a wide variety of air vehicles. These include rigid Aeroscraft, commercial non-rigid airships, and advanced manned and unmanned tethered aerostatic systems. The airships are available for utilization in a variety of civil and military missions. AEROS has affiliates in eight European and Asian countries, and the company's industry-leading expertise is based on more than 20 years of operations and research in lighter-than-air technologies. For more information about Aeros, please visit its web site at

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