Femmixx.com & Mocha Works, Marketing Inspire Women to Control their Own Destiny – Offline & Online

From: Mocha Works, Marketing
Published: Wed Jul 20 2005

Queens, NY – Mocha Works, Marketing’s founder and senior designer, Dannielle ‘Danny’ Brantley, conducted her first online interview with NYC’s premiere site for female music producers, djs, emcees & movers and shakers, Femmixx.com.

After receiving the MW Letter [Mocha Work’s business online newsletter] for several months, Femmixx.com founder, poet and journalist, Tachelle ‘Shamash’ Wilkes, reached out to Danny to conduct an interview. It may seem like an unlikely pairing but, as Danny states, "I began my business journey in the entertainment industry, so it’s fitting that I have my first public interview on an entertainment site. I like what Tachelle is doing. She’s done interviews with Jam Master Jay (rest in peace), female producer & DJ, Ayana Soyini, and many other independent entertainers from the United States to the United Kingdom. I’m glad to be added to the roster."

Citing the need for more women to actively participate in the hip hop culture and music industry, Femmixx.com has launched a worldwide search for the ever elusive female producer who is out there waiting to be heard from. Mocha Works mission is similar in that it seeks the underdog of the business world, the indie entrepreneur, and looks to create a face and voice for them through affordable web and print design and marketing. Both companies believe that women need platforms to showcase their work and struggles and inspiration to keep moving forward. "I work with a growing networking organization that is only for professional women," states Ms. Brantley. "The relationships that I’ve built and helped foster through this organization is very important because it reinforces my belief that women can and should control their own paths through life."

In the interview, http://www.femmixx.com/danniellebrantley.html, you can find out more about the networking organization for women and business advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. Any female producers, MC’s or DJ’s out there looking for your just due, will want to visit this link as well and browse the site. "Femmixx.com is a site where female producers and DJ's can and will be showcased and encouraged to display their talents whether it's behind the one and two's, behind the boards or behind the MPC's," Wilkes asserts. "We want to hear from you."

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July 19, 2005

Femmixx.com & Mocha Works, Marketing Inspire Women to Control their Own Destiny – Offline & Online
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