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Published: Wed Mar 02 2005

On Sunday, 20th February at Wealden House, East Grinstead, a graduation ceremony was held in recognition of outstanding achievements by dieters who had successfully completed the '1st Personal Diet Programme'. The ceremony was held in the presence of Cllr Christine Mainstone, East Grinstead Town Mayor.

Five graduates of the programme told the 50-strong audience how they had achieved rapid but safe weight loss and how the programme had changed their life.

One of the speakers was Amanda Lennie-Phitikides of Cantalupe Road, East Grinstead who has so far lost 5 stone in 5 months. She is raising funds for Cllr Alan Lord's Alziemers charity, the Horsham, Crawley and East Grinstead branch of The Alzheimer’s Society and is being sponsored for every pound she loses. Cllr Alan Lord attended the ceremony to show his appreciation for her help.

Another speaker was Maria Nunn, of The Dell, East Grinstead, a fitness instructor, who had lost 2 stone in 7 weeks. "I had tried all other diets and, at last, I have found the diet that has worked for me. I am also thrilled that I have been able to keep the weight off," she said.

The star graduate was Mike Fitzpatrick of Green Hedges Avenue, East Grinstead who had lost 10 and a half stone in 8 months and his waist went
from 63" to 36". To congratulate him for such an outstanding achievement, the Town Mayor presented him with a pair of Levis to fit his new waist size - 36".

"I've been overweight all my life and I too had tried all the other diets but they just didn't work and I was gradually getting heavier and heavier. I was known as Mike Fatzpatrick! I am very grateful to Rachel for her dedicated support throughout the programme. I can honestly say that, as long as you follow this diet to the letter, the results are phenomenal and I am proof of that," he said.

"I decided to hold this graduation because, as you can see, the results are almost unbelievable and - seeing is believing. I am very proud of my dieters for all that they have achieved," said Rachel Rickets, owner of East Grinstead's 1st Personal Diet Centre.

Photo caption: Mike Fitzpatrick and the Town Mayor holding a pair of Mike's old 63" waist trousers with Rachel Ricketts looking on (photo 000_0021) at Wealden House.

Notes for the editor:

The 1st Personal Diet Programme comprises an eating plan developed by Dr Rami Cohen who researched the problem of obesity in the 1980s. He carried out over 3 years of international nutritional research which resulted in his world-famous "Dr Cohen Diet". He found that obesity is a metabolic problem caused by a hormonal imbalance. The programme is based on an individual's blood test results, from which a unique tailor-made eating plan is devised. When followed exactly, it results in rapid but safe weight loss.

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