Biometrics4ALL, Inc. Achieves the California Department of Justice LiveScan Certifications in Record

From: Biometrics4ALL, Inc.
Published: Thu Jul 21 2005

California Department of Justice’s (Cal-DOJ) Cal-ID program is one of the most complex LiveScan fingerprint programs in the world. Recently, Cal-DOJ implemented an extremely comprehensive testing procedure with over 3,000 test cases for Criminal and Applicant fingerprinting. Biometrics4ALL is the first to pass this challenge and did so in the first round of testing rather than the historic 3 to 12 months by other LiveScan vendors.

Kevin Dougherty, the Manager of the Automated Support Program in Cal-DOJ's Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information commented, "Biometrics4ALL was the first to achieve our LiveScan certifications using the toughened testing standards. Completing these certifications in the first pass with zero problem reports raises the quality bar for all vendors to follow; they [Biometrics4ALL] also proved that our new procedure is working and will reduce strain on our certification team." Biometrics4ALL was able to install the LiveScans, train DOJ staff for the first time, complete and pass the testing procedure in just four days. The LiveScan4ALL LiveScan application was easy to learn and immediately prevented the certification staff from making mistakes which contributed to the significantly reduced testing time and will provide the same benefits to the operators in the field.

"We are very happy with the Cal-DOJ’s smooth testing process and the outcome of our LiveScan certifications, to say the least. Achieving this significant milestone in record time is the fruit of our team’s hard work and dedication to building the best LiveScan in the industry. Additionally, it highlights the superiority of our software architecture and user interface. We will continue to set new bars for ourselves and our vital industry," said Edward Chen, Biometrics4ALL, Inc., Managing Director.

The LiveScan4ALL product suite is specifically designed from the operator’s perspective for criminal booking, applicant processing, and identity management needs. The LiveScan system offers a complete solution that enables operators to enter demographics and descriptors; capture fingerprints, palmprints, digital photos, digital signatures, scars, marks, and tattoos; as well as collect fees when appropriate. Agencies may submit directly from the LiveScan to the FBI, national/state/local agencies, American Bankers Association (ABA), National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), or the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) for criminal history checks via the industry standard XML or NIST formats.

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