Stroganoff with Guilt Free Veal Appeal

From: Yellow House Communications Ltd
Published: Wed Sep 22 2010

Tender, succulent and with a wonderfully delicate flavour, veal has always been delicious, but it has not always had a good reputation. All that has begun to change and farmers like Roger Mason, whose humanely reared, prime rosť veal has been chosen for Look What We Found! Rosť Veal & Wild Mushroom Stroganoff, are amongst those who are bringing about that change.

Roger and his family have farmed on the rolling pastures of the southern Lakes for generations. They combine their experience with the best modern agricultural practice to rear livestock, such as Holstein Friesian diary cows and North Country Mule sheep, as well as prime young bull calves, in the best possible conditions. The young bull calves that provide the Masonís rosť veal enjoy a varied, nutritious diet and are reared in bright open barns, with thick straw underfoot and plenty of room to roam, interact with each other in and bed down in. The welfare friendly conditions in which the calves are reared are witnessed by the many visitors that the Masonís welcome to their farm, from classes of school children, to upmarket fine food retailers and journalists and the taste of the Masonís rosť veal meat has had the ringing endorsement of at least one Michelin starred celebrity chef. As well as aspiring to the highest level of animal husbandry, the Masons also take pride in their careful management of the land - Heaves Farm is part of DEFRAís Environmental Stewardship Scheme and has been recognised as Westmorlandís Best Managed Farm.

Keith Gill, Sales and Marketing Director of Tanfield Food, who make Look What We Found! comments:
"We are proud to include this wonderful veal in our new premium ready meal range. Until recently veal has been one of the most under appreciated meats in Britain. But through the efforts of farmers like Roger, and the endorsement of journalists and chefs, people are becoming better informed about British rosť veal. They are beginning to appreciate that they can enjoy rosť veal with its smooth, fine, texture and melt in the mouth flavour, in the knowledge it has been reared to welfare conditions that ethical farmers like the Masons are rightly proud of. In our new recipe we have partnered it with wild mushrooms, onions, cream and brandy for an exceptionally rich luxurious stroganoff."

If you love to eat well no matter how little time you have, Look What We Found! ready meals tick a lot of boxes, especially if you are a fan of that home cooked flavour and care about natural ingredients, sustainability and supporting British Farmers.

The team at Tanfield Food Company, who make Look What We Found!, take time and trouble to seek out the very best farmers and growers and treat their fine produce with the respect it deserves, creating delicious recipes that are packed, sealed and gently cooked in long life pouches that can be stored in the cupboard and snipped open whenever you are ready to make a meal in a microwave, in a minute - or two.

The Mason Familyís Rosť Veal & Wild Mushroom Stroganoff is available from fine food and independent stores and online from with an RSP of £3.99.

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