Novacel 9377 safeguards car bodies in transport and storage.

From: French Technology Press Bureau (FTPB)
Published: Fri Jul 22 2005

Novacel 9377 features a 60µm adhesive film with a polyolefines basis, white in colour, and makes it possible to successfully protect car bodies against external aggressions (such as acid rains, bird droppings and tool marks). The adhesive film can be exposed to outdoor ageing for up to six months. (Polyolefines are designed and used for the effective neutralisation of residual amounts of acids that are released in decomposition or catalytic processes.)

Novacel 9377 is manufactured on a completely new coating line; thanks to the qualitative and cost advantages that this new machine offers, Novacel’s latest film is particularly competitive in the automotive market. Novacel 9377 also comes with the client company’s trademark, advertising message or technical information, which can all be printed on the film on request.

The adhesive film is supplied in rolls of 200m, and from 30mm to 2,800mm in width.

About Novacel

Novacel, which is headquartered near Rouen (in Normandy, North-Western France), is part of French group Chargeurs Protective Films. Novacel’s aim is to give its clients the opportunity to enhance the value of their products. To this effect, the company provides easy-to-use tools and products to protect the quality of surfaces. This, in turn, reduces the costs that many companies incur because of damaged goods, improving the client company’s products’ brand-image in the process. Novacel protective films are used in a wide range of industries — from the construction and packaging sectors to white goods, electronics and automotive, among others.

With Novacel, Novacel Inc and Boston Tapes, Chargeurs Protective Films is world leader in surface protection films. Chargeurs Protective Films also specializes in laminated and coated products through Troy Laminating and Coating, as well as technical adhesive tapes through Boston Tapes.
Chargeurs Protective Films is an international group with sales operations across Europe (in Benelux countries, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the UK), Asia (China, Japan and South Korea) as well as North America (Mexico and the USA). In all, the company sells its products in over 60 countries across five continents.

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