Mecarack wins 2005 ‘Europain Trophy for Innovation'

From: French Technology Press Bureau (FTPB)
Published: Fri Jul 22 2005

The Merand Mecarack system automatically loads and unloads baking dough into the baking racks. It is designed for large production units, supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The system can be combined with the Merand Mécarmor Universelle automatic-moulding system. This ensures better organisation of production, saving time and offering undeniable ease of use. Operators no longer have to handle the dough. This modular production line can divide and mould up to 35,000 baguettes, large loaves and buns per day.

The Merand Mecarack system can also be combined with a continuous loaf-scoring machine, saving on both labour and time. For example, a rack of 180 baguettes can be scored fully automatically in less than two minutes, whereas the same operation takes ten minutes when carried out by hand. This also improves the comfort of operators and reduces stoppages.

About Merand

Merand, which is based in Brittany, has manufactured bakery equipment for over half a century and over the years has gained a worldwide reputation as a dough-processing specialist (division, resting and moulding). Its range is such as can only be supplied by a specialist and meets the specific requirements of industrial bakeries, supermarkets and traditional bakers.

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