Letter of Intent to Purchase Souter’s Home

From: NewsMinute.com
Published: Sat Jul 23 2005

Outrage over the US Supreme Court decision on eminent domain has not abated since the decision, which allows cities across the country to seize private land for commercial development.

In response, there is at least one effort underway to seize the home of Supreme Court Justice David Souter. Now a real estate broker registered at the web site Free Republic has created a "letter of intent" in pursuit of the same goal.

In the letter of intent longtime "Freeper" and real estate broker "Doug from Upland" tenders an offer of $75,000 for Souter’s home and stipulates the conditions of the purchase under the same guidelines used in the Kelo dispute:

re: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1449065/posts

(Portion of text)...

"To: Mr. David Hackett Souter
From: ****************, a California licensed real estate broker
(Address, phone redacted)
Date: July 23, 2005
1. re: that certain real property located at 34 Cilley Hill Rd., Weare NH 03281
(complete legal description to be furnished in escrow)
Mr. Souter:
I represent a group of investors who are interested in purchasing your property in Weare, NH, which is above described. Pursuant to their wishes, I hereby tender this LETTER OF INTENT, which outlines the terms and conditions under which they would make the purchase."

Other terms included in the letter of intent call for an inspection of the home and even for the "seller" to provide termite inspection and clearance from a licensed pest control company.

Doug from Upland insists, "I am indeed sending this to him."

More information on this and other efforts to hold Supreme Court Justice David Souter accountable to the same laws he supports can be found at the breaking news site www.newsminute.com.


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