Microsoft Corp (MSFT) Most Held United States Stock By Institutional Investors And Mutual Funds

Published: Sun Sep 26 2010 featured their monthly United States rundown focusing on the most held stock and the stock with the highest confidence displayed by institutional investors. compiles the statistics from recent SEC filings by mutual funds and institutions to determine the positions taken and confidence in stocks by professional mutual fund managers and institutional investors.

Highlights included:

The top ten most held United States stocks by number of owners:

Rank Owners Stock
1 3316 Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
2 2877 Johnson Johnson (JNJ)
3 2831 Jpmorgan Chase Co (JPM)
4 2820 Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO)
5 2819 Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM)
6 2811 Intel Corp (INTC)
7 2778 Pfizer Inc (PFE)
8 2593 General Electric Co (GE)
9 2586 Bank Of America Corp (BAC)
10 2577 Hewlett-Packard Co (HPQ)

The top ten United States stocks by institutional confidence:

Rank Score Stock
1 4.80 Vst Holdings Ltd (0856.HK)
2 4.76 American Dg Energy Inc (ADGE)
3 4.60 Enel Spa (ENLAY)
4 4.60 Santos Ltd (SSLTY)
5 4.54 Neostem Inc (NBS)
6 4.44 Neuralstem Inc (CUR)
7 4.40 Capital Gold Corp (CGC)
8 4.38 Inhibitex Inc (INHX)
9 4.33 Pure Bioscience (PURE)
10 4.33 Uxc Ltd (UXC.AX)

Confidence scores range from 1 - 5 and the average of all activity for the stock.
1 = sold all shares.
2 = sold some but not all shares.
3 = no change
4 = bought more shares.
5 = new position.
The closer to 1 and 5 the more bullish and bearish oweners are for the stock.

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