DryOutNow.com to offer comprehensive advice to friends and family seeking alcohol rehabilitation

From: DryOutNow.com
Published: Thu Feb 15 2007

DryOutNow.com, the UK’s dedicated online alcohol rehabilitation service, has increased their offer of comprehensive advice to the friends and families of alcohol addicts when they are searching for help.

DryOutNow.com's improved advice and support guides for friends and families have been designed to help desperate family and friends motivate their loved one to seek help for alcoholism. Helping someone come to the realisation that they need help for their alcohol addiction is a difficult and daunting task, and the DryOutNow.com site aims to ease this process primarily through a comprehensive series of helpful advice guides.

In addition to these informative guides, the service is to also provide direct access to experienced phone advisers. When an individual who is suffering from alcoholism - or their friends and family - phone the DryOutNow.com service, they'll have access to trained telephone advisers who are knowledgeable and have in-depth information on private residential alcohol treatment across the UK. DryOutNow.com's advisers deliver guidance independently of any particular centre, so clients can always be sure of obtaining the most impartial advice.

The practical help provided by DryOutNow.com gives alcohol addicts immediate access to private residential alcohol treatment in the UK. Furthermore, DryOutNow.com has services available to help people seeking private residential alcohol rehabilitation in both the UK and South Africa. This means that for anyone suffering from alcoholism who is not only looking for advice, but is also seeking private residential treatment for their alcohol addiction, DryOutNow.com is now able to deliver a range of important specialist services to help make their recovery process easier. It is important to note that DryOutNow.com does not charge extra for arranging treatment in an alcohol rehabilitation centre.

As well as telephone advice and guides for friends and family of alcohol addicts, DryOutNow.com also allows users to download free e-books on alcohol rehabilitation and a variety of additional information on alcoholism through their expanding online library resource. Of particular use is an alcohol dependency glossary so that friends and family can familiarise themselves with the more common terms used in the treatment of alcohol addiction and rehabilitation centres.

By offering detailed, free advice for the family and friends of people seeking alcohol rehabilitation, DryOutNow.com is firmly placing itself at the forefront of healthcare providers in the UK, allowing people suffering from alcoholism to address their individual needs.

About DryOutNow.com:
DryOutNow.com is part of Triage Healthcare, a registered company formed in 2005 with the aim of providing healthcare for people suffering from addiction related problems. With its headquarters in Harley Street, London, Triage healthcare was set up by Dr Bruce Trathern and David Goodlad.

Dryoutnow.com provides free advice, help and support for all UK citizens, and runs entirely on voluntary donations as well as the provision of treatment for individuals who choose to recuperate in private alcoholic rehabilitation centres. All calls are treated with the strictest confidence, and DryOutNow.com's advisers will always advise customers independently of any particular alcohol rehabilitation centre in the UK.

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