The Self Apothecary Hot New Amazon Kindle Book Release by Mabel White DIY

From: Mabel White DIY
Published: Tue Sep 28 2010

Written by author Deborah Dolen, The Self Apothecary is now available for the first time on Amazon’s Kindle. This is the first book submission of the Mabel White DIY line of 27 books and it’s most popular.

The Self Apothecary was chosen to première on Kindle along with The Bathroom Chemist – Mabel DIY’s second most sought after book, also written by Deborah Dolen.

Now downloadable on Amazon’s Kindle Platform via Amazon’s easy Whispernet techonology, The Self Apothecary book is packed full of formulas and recipes to make everything from "lotion in a blender" to customizing your own fragrances with a rare fragrance oil blending chart.

The highly sought after chart shows readers how to make over 200 fragrances with 30 basic fragrances. Author Deborah Dolen said it took years to develop the blending chart because fragrance formulas are very hard to find. In addition, The Self Apothecary also includes a flavor oil blending chart. (67 Pages.)

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Updated in 2006 with metric as well as U.S. conversions. Registered National Library of Canada, Ottawa, ISBN 0-9689837-82. Mabel White DIY publisher.

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