Whizkid.co.za Announces Their New School Relationship Management System

From: Whiz Online Education
Published: Tue Sep 28 2010

The release of Whizkid’s new school relationship management system is announced. The software is designed to foster relationships between all school stakeholders whilst sharing access to important information.

Whizkid launches their new School Relationship Management System a system which offers many benefits to all school partners. Parents may access the School Management System from any computer with their own personalised user name and password. This provides access to their student’s academic progress as well as information on school related activities. The parent portal has a master calendar in which to view upcoming important school events.

This School Management System provides students with an online discussion forum. This forum is similar to an online chat room, but completely secure. The students may chat about the lesson topic of the day, get homework assistance, or work on a group project. Teachers have the ability to post an assigned discussion topic for students which may assist the teacher in determining how much students understand about a particular topic. This is a way to informally assess students.

Teachers love the online component so parents can see how their student is progressing. This puts more ownership on parents for staying involved and allows teachers to take less time contacting parents and more time may be placed on teaching.

Administrators use the School Management System as well by handling day to day paperwork such as sick leave requests or substitutions. Additionally, this system allows administrators to post to calendars important school related events as well as hold virtual faculty meetings.

Whizkid is a company founded in 2006 by two people who were striving to find a better way to communicate with the school system. They developed a web based school relationship management system called Whizkid. This system was designed to improve communication between parents and the school, between the administration and teachers, and provide one central location for record keeping, including attendance and exams. The secondary goal was to develop this system whilst reducing IT costs and saving time for all school partners. The website address for Whizkid is www.whizkid.co.za.

Whizkid’s School Relationship Management System is highly detailed and successful. They also offer technical support to assist schools in the implementation phase. Many schools are seeking the school relationship system to provide better service and information to school partners.
Company: Whiz Online Education
Contact Name: Barry Berman Whizkid
Contact Email: barry@whizkid.co.za

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