From: Heavy Horse Research
Published: Wed Mar 02 2005

(Worcestershire, UK) -- Heavy Horse Research, providers of software utilities for today's Microsoft Windows platforms, are pleased to announce the release of KeyMaster version 1.05, the latest release of their flagship text-to-speech and keyboard control solution.

KeyMaster is now the first general purpose text-to-speech utility to offer Microsoft Agent support.

Microsoft Agents are on-screen characters designed to interact with you the way a normal person would. "So now having your computer read to you is made even more natural." said Karen Davis, Director of Sales and Marketing at Heavy Horse Research. "Agents are not only fantastic fun", Karen continued, "they also make KeyMaster a truely powerful educational tool. KeyMaster makes learning so much more entertaining for young and old alike. Really, this adds a whole new dimension to KeyMaster and it is a development that we are very excited about".

The benefits of reading aloud.

A number of recent studies have shown that reading aloud with children not only helps them learn to read but also has a positive impact on school success. Now you can learn to read with Merlin the Wizard and Peedy the Parrot and many, many more characters that are freely available on the Internet.

The ideal low-cost learning aid for visually impaired and learning impaired students.

With Microsoft Agents, an integrated meanings dictionary, enhanced text to speech options, the ability to zoom in and out of web pages, and because KeyMaster fully integrates with Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Outlook and Internet Explorer Heavy Horse claim there is now no need to buy special format digital books and players for dyslexic and visually impaired students. As Karen Davis said, "If you are studying English almost all of the texts you require are available free in the form of 'eBooks' from the Internet (from Project Gutemberg, for example). Now it is not just the computer helping you read and understand these texts but an interactive on-screen personality." And it isn't just students with learning and sight disabilities who have benefited from using KeyMaster. All of the children and students who took part in our recent trials said that KeyMaster was the one utility that made studying text books and preparing course work so much more easy and enjoyable.

Enhancing User Experience.

The key to making KeyMaster attractive to customers, as Karen Davis says, is making it easy to use. That's why all of KeyMaster's proofreading and document reading functionality is fully integrated so there is no need to copy and paste to the clipboard or to separate programs. And configuration is achieved through a simple-to-use wizard.

Pricing and Availability.

A fully functional demonstration version of KeyMaster 1.05 is available to download now from http://www.heavy-horse.com/download/keymaster/keymaster.zip. At the core of our mission is to provide top quality software at affordable prices. To this end single user registration costs $19.95 and discounts are available for multi–user licenses (e-mail sales@heavy-horse.com for further details). All upgrades are free. Further discounts are available for users who are registered disabled and for non-profit and academic organizations.

About Heavy Horse

Founded in 2002, Heavy Horse Research is a privately owned company that specializes in the design and development of software utilities for users of today's Microsoft Windows platforms who need more from their PC than Windows normally provides. To learn more about Heavy Horse and their products please visit: - http://www.heavy-horse.com or e-mail sales@heavy-horse.com



Karen Davis
February 26th 2005

Company: Heavy Horse Research
Contact Name: Karen Davis
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