GL Communications Inc. Enhances PacketScanTM with IP Video Call Capture and Analysis Capability

From: GL Communications
Published: Sat Feb 17 2007

GL Communications Inc., announced today the release of enhanced PacketscanTM with IP Video Call Capture and Analysis Capability. Speaking to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, "PacketScanTM is a real-time VoIP analyzer that monitors and captures live voice and video IP traffic with associated call signaling. Hundreds of calls can be monitored in real-time with detailed analysis of selected voice and video streams. Applications include testing of IP voice and video phones, IP / TDM Gateways, IP Routers and Switches, and SIP Proxies. Users can also perform analysis in real-time or on captured calls with various QOS (quality of service) metrics".
Mr.Kulkarni added, "The new video feature "record and playback video", allows the user to record audio and video data of a video session to a file in QuickTime format. PacketScanTM can monitor video calls and display both audio and video RTP streams in its summary view. And video calls are separately marked with symbol "V" in the view".

PacketScanTM may be installed in either end of the system to record the video data as depicted in the figure below.

The voice features of PacketScanTM include live listening, analysis, and recording; power, frequency, and spectral analysis, and tone and digit analysis. Detailed call statistics such as packet loss, gap, jitter, delay, RTP performance statistics, and many other voice band statistics can be monitored simultaneously. Sophisticated filters permit zooming and recording of specific calls of interest. Video sessions can be captured and replayed (in QuickTime *.qt format). And it can collect vital statistics about calls for theoretically an infinite time limited only by the hard disk capacity of the PC or network drive.

Other Important Features Of PacketScanTM Application

·Monitor progress of up to 500+ simultaneous calls with bi-directional RTP traffic.

·Supports SIP (SIP Session Initiation Protocol RFC 2543 and 3261), Megaco3525, Megaco3015, MGCP, and H323 protocols.

·Supports decoding of MAC, IP, SIP, UDP, TCP, RTP, & RTCP Protocols.

·Call Capturing based on Call Agents or Trigger Actions such as MOS, packet loss, latency, or called / calling numbers.

·Voice codecs supported include G726_40 (40kbps), G726_32 (32kbps), G726_24 (24kbps) , G726_16 (16kbps) , GSM (13.2kbps) , G729 (8kbps) , G729B (8kbps), AMR , ILBC_15_2 (for 20 msec), SPEEX, EVRC* (Rates -1/8, ½ and 1), SMV* (Modes - 0, 1, 2 and 3), ILBC_13_33 (for 30 msec), more are coming.

·Video codecs supported include H.263+ providing video capture and videoconference monitoring capability.

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